2021 Korean Ambassador’s Cup Taekwondo World Championship

2021. 10. 18.(MON) ~ 11. 16.(TUE)

Making Poomsae Video 

(1) You have to film your Poomsae video indoors (arena or training area).

Please make a prior notice for outdoor shooting in pursuant to COVID-19 restrictions.

(2) In filming your video, you must comply with social distancing rules in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 response measures.

You must take off your mask while performing Poomsae.

(3) The video must be taken in a full shot.

(4) Rest your video equipment (cell phone, DSLR, video camera) on an object to steady it.

(5) If you submit any video already made submission to other competition, you may be disqualified (edited version of the video also applies).

(6) You must face the camera while shooting.

(7) Do not zoom in, just keep an 1:1 aspect ratio.

(8) It is recommend fixing your video equipment from 115 to 120 cm high above the ground.

(9) As you can see in the picture below, based on the location of your camera, you need to stand within 45 degree angle on both side (recommended).

(10) The video must satisfy the following criteria (very important):

① Full Shot ② Horizontal Shot ③ Keep 6 meter distance from the camera (recommended) ④ Perform and film two consecutive Poomsae (without pause)

(11) Poomsae order should be as follows (attention and process): ① Charyeot (Attention) ② Junbi (Ready) Taeguek 3 Jang ③ Sijak (Begin) ④ Baro (Return) 

⑤ Junbi (Ready) Taeguek 4 Jang ⑥ Sijak (Begin) ⑦ Baro (Return)